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The Sun is very largely the GIVER OF LIFE on the planet we call Earth.

Life, at least as we know it and define it, requires a temperate zone that has both liquid water and an atmosphere suitable for breathing. We also know from modern space exploration that temperature is a huge factor in whether a planet can sustain life as we know it, or if it can’t. If a planet is too far from a star, it’s too cold for liquid water. If a planet is too close to a star, volatile gases in the air make it impossible for our lungs to breathe the air.

Just like the porridge in the Goldilocks story, it can’t been too cold and it can’t be too hot. It has to be juuuuuuuuust right.


Of course Heat is not the same thing as Light. But Heat and Light are closely related. And in the natural world, little creates Heat like LIGHT.

Without the right amount of LIGHT from a nearby star, the chances of any planet having a temperate enough climate to sustain life is virtually none. Without LIGHT we would be blind. Without LIGHT no plants could grow. Without LIGHT, even if we could manage to survive as a race for any extended length of time, what we think of as “life” would be very, very, very different.

So the importance of LIGHT for human beings cannot be over-estimated.

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