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World Events

This is the earliest news account post of the announced decision from the DC Appeals Court in the Trump case claiming presidential immunity from criminal charges regarding his alleged role in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Of course deliberation proceded the ruling and there is no way for us to know the elapsed time before the finding and public release of it. But since we have a fairly accurate time of public release, I’m using that.

As most people are aware, whether presidential immunity shields a President of the United States from criminal charges for actions taken outside the scope of his presidential duty was at bar in the District of Columbia Appeals Court. Until this morning. That verdict was released this morning and it held that presidential immunity does not apply in the charges against Trump connected to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

So unless Trump appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear the case and the Supreme Court rules to overturn the appeals court, the trial against Trump regarding his role in the Jan. 6 incident will indeed be moving to trial.

That this is a highly contentious case is shown by release of the opinion on a MARS day. But since it was released in a VENUS hour of a MARS day, there is possibility this decision will quell anger and put the active question to rest. This opinion may serve as a truce of sorts.

Moon in 2 CAPRICORN is poised right on the Midheaven, approaching from the 9H within one degree of conjunction. Although the Moon is squared to the Ascendant by application, the MOON rules the 4H and 5H so this ruling may be the last word.

Of note is that the MOON, VENUS, MARS, MERCURY, and SUN are all ruled by SATURN, showing that the edges of the law, the Rule of Law provides a clearly enunciated basis for the ruling. 

The Saturnian energy surrounding this ruling reminds us there are LIMITS.

Even for a president.

MOON at 2 CAPRICORN is applying to an exact trine with JUPITER AT 8 TAURUS. I suspect this shows that the ruling will hold and will not be overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Undoubtedly Trump will appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court. But with the ruler of six planets (including both the Sun and the Moon) being ruled by SATURN located the 12H and with that SATURN in a quickly applying sextile to the TAURUS JUPITER in the 1H, the Supreme Court will very likely refuse to hear the appeal and will choose instead to simply let this appeals court ruling stand. This ruling will hold fast (Saturn) and be locked in solitary confinement (SATURN in 12H).

I would be remiss in not noticing that the 11H MARS in CAPRICORN, which is I as mentioned at the beginning the ruler of the day of this opinion’s release as well as ruler of the 1H (the opinion itself), falls in conjunction to the degree in which the SATURN/PLUTO conjunction in Capricorn fell in 2020. That means this verdict is directly connected to that major shift and will be pivotal in world events for the next two to four decades.


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