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In the Western world we are used to what we consider “Traditional Astrology” — which actually is a Western-centric form of astrology that is a remnant of a practice dating back to the ancient Chaldeans. It focuses on the placement of the Sun, the Moon, and planets in our solar system. Western Astrology typically uses placements in the Tropical Zodiac and is presented (at least in modern times) on a circular wheel.

Western Astrology almost always focuses on the birth chart of an individual person.

Most people in the West are aware there is an Eastern form of astrology commonly called Vedic Astrology that is very different from Western Astrology. The framework of Vedic Astrology stretches back to pre-Hindu times in India. It also utilizes the Sun, the Moon, and planets in our solar system, but it relies heavily on Rahu and Ketu and planetary cycles that Western Astrology seldom utilizes in any meaningful manner. In Vedic Astrology, a chart is presented in a square rather than in a circle. And placements are based on the Sidereal Zodiac rather than on the Western Tropical Zodiac.

Eastern Astrology, or Vedic Astrology, also almost always focuses on one individual person.

It is the individual person’s birth chart most people think of when they think about astrology — whether they live in the West or in the East.

But there are other schools of astrology as well as these two. And an individual’s personal incarnation is not the only focus of astrology.

Here we will look at astrology of the collective — how the astrological energy of a specific time affects us all. Not just one of us. All of us.

And we will do it by focusing on LIGHT in its ever-changing cycles. You might say this website is dedicated to The Astrology of Light. While it holds a lot of Traditional Astrology, you will find in-depth information on LIGHT and its transformational magic for humanity.

The framework for living in and magnifying the magic of LIGHT is observance of the Quarters and Cross-Quarters of the Sun. You probably know the Quarters as being “equinoxes” and “solstices.” And you may never have even heard of the Cross-Quarters. But opening to the LIGHT has deep transformational power…as you will see.

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